Leading The Pack.

Let us lead your next big thing.


Established in Singapore by a team of four engineering veterans in 2016, Alpha Control Pte. Ltd. is fast becoming a leading player in the Asia Pacific electrical and automation industry. Armed with our core expertise in system and enterprise integration, we serve clients and customers from all over the Asia Pacific region, from aspring startups to towering petrochemical plants. The synergistic combination of knowledge and experience from each team member enabled us to achieve excellence in our project deliveries and customer satisfaction. Trust us to lead your next big thing.


Unleash the power of utility computing with our cloud expertise. We work closely with public and hybrid cloud infrastructure providers to enable your plants and factories to hope onto the era of cheap, elastic computing power. Need to predict when your motors need servicing? Certainly, let our machine learning clusters serve you.


You've heard about it, you've seen it touted all over the place, but nobody else understands Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) like we do. We bridge the gap between industrial automation and enterprise computing. Need your packaging machine talking to your MRP system at HQ? Consider that solved.

Power Plant

Energy, the currency of the future. Alpha Control's portfolio includes energy and power management software that enables fast load shedding, generator control, spinning reserve management as well as energy reporting. Our vendor neutral solution enables transparency, openness and compatibility, now and for the future.

Wine Glass

The Food and Beverages industry remains a mainstay in our economy. Alpha Control's comprehensive and intimate F&B know-how in both wet and dry process automation enables your delicious food and drinks to be served safely to your customer's dining plate, just the way you want it to.